Why you should keep your website up to date

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    Amie Whale

You’ve got a website and you’re wondering if you need to keep it up to date right? You’re wondering if you should even worry about updating it on a regular basis as your content is pretty fantastic at the minute and you’ve more important things to worry about right??….well, sadly this kind of attitude can actually have a very detrimental effect on the effectiveness and popularity of your site. The internet and digital marketing are both an ever evolving animal and you need to keep your content fresh for a number of key reasons. Here at Eighty3 Creative we take a look at the subject, giving you some tips in order you can keep your site fresh and at the forefront of those Google listings.

SEO is one of the key reasons you should constantly consider keeping your content up to date. Google just loves new content, and it actively checks for sites that are creating new or even updated content. When you create new content you are effectively telling Google that you are from a living breathing website, you are letting them know “Hey I am here and ready for business”. Search engines (including google) use things called “Web Crawlers”. These “crawlers “ are really just  a programme that trawl through your web content looking for key elements in the writing. This is how you are ranked within the respective search engine and effects exactly where you appear in those all-important search engine listings.

It’s great to have a well-crafted blog or article but simply leaving that well written text over time will see you drop down in Googles listings, the algorithm it uses continually searches for brand new work, so new content really is king. Even just allowing yourself to rejig and refresh those old articles can have a positive impact on your Google rankings, so don’t overlook giving those old articles a rewrite after time.

Keeping your content up to date is also important in keeping your site visitors in touch with the latest trends and events in your respective fields. People just love to feel they are in touch with the latest trends so keeping in them up to date on your site is a great way to draw and keep traffic flowing through your site. Imagine Wolverhampton Wanderers site having a web page that displayed their team from the 2015-16 season and the squad details just hasn’t been updated, the team has changed so much in that period that even the hardiest of Wolves fans would probably be giving the clubs side a wide berth by now.

Being current and fresh on your site is equally important and making sure your information is current and fresh gives you the dual bonus of pressing the right buttons with Googles “web crawlers” but it also lets your visitors know that you are an up to date authority on your particular field of business.

For those new customers that happen along your cutting-edge web site you will create that immediate positive impression and will undoubtedly have that new traffic coming back for more of the services you provide. This kind of interaction with repeat visits to our site over time will grow the appeal of your site and lead to continued growth.

In conclusion there isn’t only one reason to keep that web content up to date there are of factors come into place, the digital marketing world is in constant flux, so ensuring your articles are constantly changing and being added to is a fantastic way to keep your site at the top of the listings with ever changing fantastic content. Keeping that traffic flowing back to your site for the latest information can only be a good thing for your growing business, encouraging further business and increased customer loyalty. At Eighty3 Creative we really do believe that content is king, and with any websites we develop, or SEO packages we offer, we ensure content is at the forefront alongside updates done on a monthly basis at the very minimum.

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