Why Branding is so important for your business

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Why Branding is so important for your business - eighty3creative

Branding let’s face it, it’s everywhere, from the clothes we wear to the phones we use and the beverages we drink. The world has developed into a brand focused place.

You might not yet understand the true power of branding, but its reach and influence just cannot be understated.

Let’s take a few examples, think of the streets of the West Midlands, leading brands such as Goodyear Tyres, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Jaguar and Marston Breweries are all around us, can you imagine the logo of these mega brands in your head? Can you picture their iconic logo? Do you have an idea what these mega brands stand for?

Unless you’ve been hiding yourself away over the last thirty years the answer for 99% of people will be “yes”, for these companies branding has done its job extremely effectively.

These local brands have set themselves apart from their rivals, but there are no reasons why small or medium-sized companies can’t use our skills at “Eighty3 Creative” to create equally effective branding strategies.

An excellent branding strategy will set your company apart from your competition. There is so much more to branding than simply having a pretty logo or a well thought out logo. With correct branding, your company has a real opportunity to send a message out to potential customers and show exactly what your company stands for as well as what kind of culture and values your company has.

Creating a solid brand will eventually mean people come to trust and respect your businesses name, earning that buyer trust is a positive step towards creating more business through brand loyalty. People just love to buy from people they can associate with and feel they can trust, it’s just a natural part of being human. So, getting your brand out there and being recognised by the public is a wonderful thing for both you and your potential customers. It’s really all about making that special connection with your potential market; having the right branding is an excellent way to ensure the right type of message is being conveyed about your business.

Quality branding is a sure-fire way to add extra value to your company.

Successful companies can all partly point to the strength of their branding as a major factor in their continued growth, when you are purchasing a Cadburys chocolate bar or a Wolverhampton Wanderers shirt, what you are really saying is that you are buying into that brand’s reputation and ethos.

I mean you could probably go and buy a cheaper chocolate bar or a cheaper football shirt, but you are drawn to that chocolate or Wolves jersey because of all the positive thoughts that you associate with that brand. Smaller companies can undoubtedly get the same public buy-in with their products and services that these larger brands have obtained, meaning your company can rapidly go from strength to strength.

The effect that the right branding can have on employees cannot be underestimated. Staff can be given a clear direction working for a company that has a strong sense of itself, with branding giving them a strong company ethos and set of values. A strong sense of brand identity can get that little bit extra from staff, people love to feel part of a larger goal and that pride and sense of direction too can prove the difference between a brands success or failure. The truth is that your staff are a major and very active part of the brand identity that you are looking to grow, you can only truly succeed if your staff on onboard with the message behind your brand identity.

The true power of branding should never be underestimated and can play a major role in a small or medium sized businesses pathway to total success. Branding is so much more than just a lovely piece of artwork, it’s really a symbol for all that your company stands for, providing you with that extra edge against rivals, whilst also squeezing that little bit extra from motivated staff.

Here at Eighty3 Creative, we’ve helped dozens of businesses with branding. We can work with you to ensure you are able to utilise your branding to its full potential. For more information, please contact us on ideas@eighty3creative.co.uk.

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