Web design trends that could impact your business in 2018

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As a specialist in web design, it’s easy to brush off web design trends and claim they are the opposite of what being creative is all about.

However, just like a new television or car, we all want the new shiny things. And that’s a good thing. After all, if you want to keep your brand relevant, you need to keep improving your online presence.

These web design trends are here to give you a taster of what’s possible in the next 12 months within the world of web design and hopefully inspire you to success. If you want to keep your brand relevant, you need to keep improving your online presence.

Custom illustrations
If you want to explain what your business can offer without using an excessive amount of content, illustrations are the way forward. They’re a great way of making more complex or ‘mundane’ services fun and engaging.

Illustrators are set to attain a new-found prominence in marketing and product design in 2018, with Dropbox and Shopify leading the way.

A quirky and creative illustration is an eye-catching alternative to product UI shots, GIFs or lifestyle photography – which most businesses opt for.

Vibrant colours
The days of web-safe colours are slowly diminishing, with the age of vibrancy on the up. As the year progresses, you’ll see more designers choosing bolder shades in a bid to make a brand stand out.

With technology continuing to evolve, more web designers are using monitors and devices which have the capabilities to produce richer colours. In turn, this is allowing the industry to broaden their colour palettes and experiment. And when you consider that there are over a billion registered websites in the world, choosing more vibrant colours is a good thing.

Particle Backgrounds & Motion Graphics
According to Hubspot, businesses publish an average of 18 videos every month, meaning there’s a high probability that your web design needs to incorporate this requirement.

Particle backgrounds act as a solution to performance issues when a website has a video background. These animations are simple javascript which enables the video to act as a natural part of the background. As a result, this reduces any unwanted loading times which often deters visitors.

Motion graphics posted on social media are also on the rise, as more businesses look for creative ways to encourage people to click on website links via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mobile rules
Mobile technology is really starting to dictate the way we build websites today. In fact, Ofcom recently published a report stating that adults spend over 60 hours a week on their smartphones.

Mobile web design has matured and will continue to do so in 2018. For instance, burger menus are giving designers greater options to keep websites looking minimal and compact.

Large imagery is slowly being replaced by icons as well, due to the mobile-friendly nature of the latter. Icons are a much easier way of describing your message, helping to avoid any unwanted confusion and unattractive stacking.

UX issues are also getting a lot easier to identify and rectify as designers have access to further micro-integrations offering feedback on the actions of your visitors. This means that businesses can tweak their mobile websites to match the preferences of their audience.

Asymmetrical Layouts
Asymmetrical and ‘broken’ layouts emerged in 2017, but are really starting to take flight now. The concept of unconventional layouts looks edgy and unique – something more brands are seeking.

With so many template web designs on the internet to choose from, it’s getting easier for any business owner to create for themselves. However, if you want to stand out and create a reputable and classy brand, it’s worth investing in something different.

Here’s to another wonderful year
In summary, 2018 is set to be a big year for the web design industry. The thirst for unique and bold creations is pushing the industry into new realms, and I for one am very excited.

My advice to business owners: if you want to be recognised as the best in your industry, be bold with your web design and you’ll reap the rewards.

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