Branding Workshops

Our branding workshops focus on helping your business discover who your are, where you want to get to, what your ideal customer looks like and developing your value proposition. We do this through a series of activities during a half day session.

Branding workshops are a fantastic way of working on the business – uninterrupted.

You could be a start-up or even a well established business, we help you develop a clear brand message to communicate with your audience. We work with you to try and understand how we can best deliver and provide you and your business with the brand that it deserves. We value branding workshops as it gives us both an opportunity to get to know each other and help build YOUR brand.

Branding workshop - eighty3creative
Speak to one of our branding experts. Call 0121 389 3033

How we work…

The branding workshop focuses on two key areas research and strategy. Once completed you will have a clear understanding of your business now and identify your vision going forward. It is important to gather key members of your team and thrash out ideas on how to push your business forward using a handful of well executed activities.

Every successful brand has a solid strategy; without this your business cannot define its competitive advantage.

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