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When it comes to digital marketing, there is no time to stand still.

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The digital landscape has changed so much over the last few years to the point that what worked then is no longer even thought about.

Here at eighty3creative, we pride ourselves on creating digital marketing strategies that are as unique and innovative as the brands we work alongside.

We believe that a great digital strategy, which includes SEO and PPC, should tie in with your overall marketing activities and business ethos, which is why we spend a lot of time working closely with you to plan a strategy that targets success.

We help deliver bespoke digital marketing strategies that give a real return on your investment.

  • On-site optimisation
  • Consultation & Site Audits
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Performance Management
  • Analytics Integration & Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of structuring and optimising a website in order to help gain as much organic search engine exposure as possible. As a full-service SEO agency with experience in large-scale web development projects, we are proficient at building sites that are search engine friendly; ensuring that your SEO strategy is built on a strong foundation.

Remember, SEO is not an overnight fix; it’s a long-term plan for online success.

Eighty3 Creative - Search & PPC


What if you could make sure when a user types in a search query to Google, your site was at the top of the list? Well, with Google AdWords you can. Google AdWords allows you to market your site on a pay-per- click (PPC) agreement in areas on the web users are already looking for your content.

PPC provides instant presence and makes a good alternative to SEO, particularly if you find your organic rankings are taking a while to develop. It’s easy for businesses to setup and self-manage, but you may not have the time or resources available. Or maybe you’d just like some help from an expert in this field.

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