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WV Living

WV Living is the City of Wolverhampton Council’s wholly-owned housing development company focused on designing the most affordable and desirable homes for its residents across the city.

Established in 2016, WV Living endeavours to provide the very best for its residents while driving regeneration in the Wolverhampton area.

Their work includes several developments across the city, with large successful projects established in areas, such as Ashmore Park, The Marshes in Wednesfield, Ettingshall and Vicarage Road.

WV Living called on our branding services to ensure they captured the friendly and aspirational character of the organisation and establish itself as a positive and location-focussed organisation for the local area. Our work consisted of a new logo design and branding.


WV Living



WV Living Branding - eighty3creative

The Brief

WV Living required a new logo design and branding to help set the right visual impression for their brand identity.

The key to the brief was creating a positive, friendly and aspirational brand identity, combining a focus on the well-being of the residents and the quality of the building design.

In our opening efforts to understand the business, it quickly occurred more than anything, WV Living cared about the residents of Wolverhampton and the quality of design and building they provided. It was important to reflect WV Living’s philosophy of “Building homes you will love” in the brand visuals.

Ultimately, both the logo and branding had to intertwine with the right tone and identity to create consistency as a foundation for the business. Clear values of community and care at the brand’s core were the main message we had to communicate.

For a building company, we thought this stood out. It gave us an identity to work with and market. So, it was down to us to draw this out effectively without appearing irrelevant or trivial. After hours of research and preparation in place, we drove with this caring character and quality assured delivery to design the logo and bolster the branding.

WV Living Branding - eighty3creative

The Result

WV Living was given a simple, effective and memorable logo, along with expert brand development and additional guidelines to ensure consistency was maintained with their brand identity.

The powerful “Building homes you will love” tagline became key to the logo design. While the ‘WV’ of the brand name displayed a simple and strong visual, we decided to play with the ‘V’ and make it more inclusive and representative of the business by giving it a heart shape design.

Once again, this feature concentrated on the caring characteristic of the business and the “love” of their slogan. The colour green helped signify the caring element of nature, along with the growth and renewal involved with the regeneration of Wolverhampton.

To ensure we succeeded with the logo and branding, the process involved thorough market research, concept analysis and brand development. This initial process enabled us to evaluate if the brand identity would be successful in its sector and stand out from its competitors.

With all aspects of the logo design and branding development in place, we then set concise guidelines for WV Living to follow, ensuring the brand identity remains consistent across all areas of marketing.

In the end, both parties were proud of the logo design and excited about the branding. It was an honour to work with such a warm and welcoming organisation doing so much for our local community.

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WV Living Branding - eighty3creative
WV Living Branding - eighty3creative

The design and branding package from eighty3creative exceeded all our expectations. The way they managed to emphasise the core values of our business with a logo design and branding development was truly incredible. As a local Wolverhampton and Staffordshire based organisation, we chose someone who could really help us and understand our community and culture. Thank you, eighty3creative! We’re so happy with what you’ve achieved.