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Seniorem Care Group is a UK-based company offering investment opportunities in the care sector.

The United Kingdom has an ageing population with a greater need for more care and nursing services. With this rapid growth comes investment opportunities.

Seniorem gives investors a chance to acquire profitable trading care homes that meet a strict business model and measure multiple factors, including occupancy levels and care quality assessment.

By investing both in building assists and the business operations which are managed through their core management team, the investors benefit from brilliant returns and retain maximum flexibility for an eventual exit.

As Seniorem look to accelerate their growth as a business, they turned to us for help and guidance with their branding – starting with their logo design, brochures and business cards. Before working on a brand-new website design.





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Seniorem - Logo Design -eighty3

The Brief

Seniorem required a clean and professional logo design that would elevate the look and feel of their brochures and business cards. A new website soon followed, enabling them to expose their brand to a bigger audience.

Seniorem Care Group were keen to position itself as a credible business among investors. Part of selling opportunities to investors is getting them to buy into a company.

Seniorem realised the only way they could be taken seriously as a professional leader in care sector investments was to focus on their branding. The logo design would act as a catalyst to inspire further marketing collateral, such as brochures and business card design.

Once the logo was finalised, we could work on bringing this new brand and vision to life through professional print design and a website design. The new web design had to carry the same style and standards as the branding while creating cohesion with the content. It was crucial to uphold the professionalism, stability, and hope Seniorem deliver to their patients day in, day out.

Seniorem - Web Design
Seniorem - Logo Design
Seniorem - Brochure Design - eighty3

The Result

The brochures, logo design, business cards and website design have played a pivotal role in Seniorem acquiring new leads and getting their foot in the door with potential investors.

Before designing the logo for Seniorem, we got to know their business and their values. When it comes to any rebranding project, it’s vital to look beyond the visuals. We established who Seniorem are and what they stand for, which allowed us to successfully choose particular colours, fonts and graphics which captured these things.

The font is sleek and effortless yet approachable. The grey colours depict the formal and sophisticated moods they want to portray, while the dashes of green subtly symbolise growth and hope – both of which are keywords in the investment world. We used white to fuse the other two colours and to place more emphasis on the ‘Senior’ part of their company name so investors could instantly get a feel of what they do.

The idea behind the graphic on the logo design was to make Seniorem’s brand look unique and a star in their field. We tried to move away from using hands in the logo, as it’s quite common in the care industry. Instead, we used this idea of holding hands and the older generation in the background of the brochures to reinforce the message of what Seniorem do.

One of the highlights of the brochure design was the infographic page. A lot of investment prospectuses and collateral are extremely text-heavy and uninspiring. However, the infographic page helped to differentiate Seniorem’s brochure design and hammer home the key reasons they wanted to illustrate.

As for the business cards, we kept them smart and clean. The Seniorem brand isn’t about gimmicks and including reams of text. It’s about showcasing the simplicity of investing in their opportunities and making a profit.

Since the launch of their new logo design, brochures and business cards, Seniorem has enjoyed excellent feedback and have found it easier to generate responses from investors who were previously uninterested. After the success of the branding, the next stage entailed transferring all our amazing work into a new web design. Maintaining consistency across the board is crucial, so we incorporated the logo, fonts, and colour patterns into the web design.

It was important to show any user visiting the site what Seniorem stands for. The homepage greets the user with sliding imagery of the heart-warming care Seniorem provides to their clients. We also positioned the company mission and a personal message from the CEO quite high up to help support this idea. In terms of the structure of the website design, we placed a greater emphasis on the navigation and accessibility of the content.

A seamless flow from top to bottom is established with changes in colour to the background. This decision was supported through headers and imagery to help break up sections of text. We also included widgets and a newsletter signup form to maximise leads and build a brand presence.

Overall, Seniorem were delighted with their new web design and branding as it gave them an online platform and presence to increase awareness, modernise, and develop further investment in the company. Within months, they’ve already seen a return on investment (ROI).

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Seniorem - Logo Design
Seniorem - Logo Design

The final results are far better than we first expected. Eighty3 Creative have managed to simplify our message through clean, professional design and capture the vision of our business model. If you need business cards, brochures, a new logo design and a highly optimised website, we can’t recommend them enough.