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Meridian Equity

Meridian is a privately-owned investor in the UK, offering flexible and efficient funding based on the merit of an idea or project.

Meridian offers a long-term approach to its Equity and Structured Finance services. They fund their own deals, giving them no external pressure and the freedom to focus on sustainable growth prospects.

Their tight team have been together since its inception in September 2003. As owner-managers, they have first-hand experience with all issues that arise whilst acquiring, managing and disposing of privately-owned businesses.

However, with client expectations evolving and operations expanding, Meridian was looking to improve its financial services website design and site experience, starting with cohesive branding and a powerful new logo design.


Meridian Equity



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Financial services website design

The Brief

Meridian wanted to develop and change its existing website to create a well-built, recognisable alternative that made them stand out from its competitors. 

After using a templated website builder before, we had to build a professional one-page WordPress site that operated seamlessly and create a brand identity that incorporates their values and services.

It was important for us to understand Meridian’s values and history as a team to ensure these were reflected in the colours and style of the website design and branding.

Their original site didn’t respond well on mobile, so that was a key element for us to focus on. Mobile-optimised sites are essential for obtaining a big reach in the digital age.

We needed to get their services on the page and identify what it is that makes Meridian the best choice in a crowded financial market. We didn’t want to fall into the stuffy and sometimes dull aesthetic that the financial industry denotes.

To go alongside the one-page website creation, Meridian wanted a re-brand and a logo design. Our skills and experience as a leading creative design agency made us the perfect candidates to fulfil this brief.

Financial services website design
Financial services website design
Financial services website design

The Result

Meridian now have a website design and brand that perfectly defines who they are, what they do and what they stand for.

Meridian has a brand design for financial services that is striking, professional and unique to them, with hidden meaning weaved in to strike a chord with their site visitors.

The navy-blue colouring connotes a business with power, authority and responsibility, which is reflective of their company ethos and services.

We designed the one-page website to be simple, straightforward and easy to access, as this is key for getting Meridian business and giving site visitors clear and concise information.

Our expert WordPress website developers designed the site in a way that made it easy to access with clear logos and colour palettes for each service. We added ‘read more’ buttons so that the site easily takes the user to the correct section based on the service they require. This makes the site easy to navigate.

Financial services website designs can be daunting and overwhelming, so we stripped them back and made them easy to digest. For example, we added concise headers, bullet points and icons to break up the important information.

The re-brand has given them a colour palette that can be carried across the rest of their business. While the logo design is recognisable and unique, putting them in a good position to compete with other companies in the financial sector.

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