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Kindred Wills & Trusts

Kindred Wills & Trusts is an investment organisation helping clients cement their legacies and protect their assets for future generations.

Kindred Wills & Trusts provide a premium service for people looking to invest and plan for their futures. They are experts in putting the life of their clients in order and the futures of their loved ones first. With honesty, professionalism, and thoughtfulness, Kindred Wills & Trusts offer complete peace of mind, helping clients bring their final wishes to life.

The passing of a loved one is never an easy situation, but Kindred Wills & Trusts help you write the next chapter, leaving a positive legacy behind for generations to come.

To support Kindred Wills & Trusts on this mission and enable them to build their presence, they required Eighty3 Creative to provide branding and identity design services.


Kindred Wills & Trusts



Design for Print - Business Cards - eighty3 creative

The Brief

As a start-up company, Kindred Wills & Trusts needed to create a new brand. We made it our mission to represent their professionalism, compassion, and expertise with a strong logo. 

Our task was to equip Kindred Wills & Trusts with new branding that best reflects their brand identity. Knowing that Kindred Wills & Trusts operate within a sensitive line of work, we had to engage and understand their values to make the right impression for their clientele.

To help understand our client’s business, we conducted a series of in-depth virtual meetings. During these sessions, we ask questions and share ideas to help fuel the creative process. To help us understand the business in more detail and get a feel of what visual identity they were looking to capture, we also provided a questionnaire for the client to fill out.

With all this important input, we then create an official, detailed document ready for the client to sign off. We take pride in our meticulous service to ensure excellence and our client’s satisfaction. For Kindred Wills & Trusts, which specialise in building a legacy for their clients, we make sure we take all the steps to create a brand that lasts.

Design for Print - eighty3 creative
Design for Print - Business Cards - eighty3 creative
Design for Print - Notebooks - eighty3creative

The Result

Eighty3 Creative created long-lasting, strong, and meaningful branding for Kindred Wills & Trusts. Taking care to reflect the honesty, professionalism, and compassion of the business.   

Our thorough, reliable, and fool-proof process allowed us to satisfy Kindred Will & Trusts with completely new branding. As experts in the field, we understand the importance of branding from a business, networking, and identity perspective.

The logo of the brand is integral to set the right impression. We were sure to build on the core foundation already set by the title of the business.

‘Kindred’ is a strong name, and we wanted to emphasise this with the logo. With this in mind, we placed two shapes above drawing attention to the name below. The shapes also showed strength in their placement and perimeter. We used two shades of pink to convey a sense of compassion, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness. This portrayed the core values associated with the work they do.

Like the brand name, the font was strong, bold, and simple. We wanted to represent security, trust, and strength with the font for the branding. We chose black for the main ‘Kindred’ text and then slightly smaller and lighter text for the ‘Wills & Trusts’.

Along with the logo, we also provided taglines and stationery with smart folders, cards, and umbrellas for those rainy days. Overall, both parties were delighted with the outcome of the result. Our meticulous nature to please our clients resulted in a very happy customer once again.

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Design for Print - Notebooks - eighty3creative
Kindred Wills & Trusts Logo Design

A big thank you goes to Eighty3 Creative for branding our new business. As a start-up, it was really important to get the branding right from the beginning. Our logo and stationery look great. Now, we’re in a strong position to continue growing our business.

Managing Director