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Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions

Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions are a team of accountants providing quick and painless payment services for contractors and agencies in the West Midlands can count on.

As one of the leading payment and taxation services for umbrella companies in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands, Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions needed a website design that reflected their industry-leading status.

Unlike their direct competitors, they didn’t want to complicate the way contractors and agencies paid their taxes by having a website with multiple sub-pages. Instead, the idea was to create a one-page website that focused on the UX and look to expand on it further down the line.

Once the new website design was in place, Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions were eager to use this as a platform to focus on lead gen via compelling PPC and Facebook Ad campaigns.


Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions



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Web Design & Digital Marketing Case Study - Eighty3 Creative

The Brief

Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions wanted us to inject a fresh and inviting spin on a tired taxation and payment service concept.

One of the biggest pain points for contractors and agencies is time. At the end of the day, they both want a smart way of paying their taxes which involves minimal fuss.

So, when they struggle to find answers and are greeted with uninspiring branding, they’ll usually take their business elsewhere.

With this in mind, we believed the best way to achieve this on the website was through considering the colour choices, the website design layout and implementing innovative features which drastically improved the user experience.

Getting this element right would then naturally elevate any PPC or Facebook Ad campaign we put together.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Case Study - Eighty3 Creative
Web Design & Digital Marketing Case Study - Eighty3 Creative
Facebook Ad Campaign - Eighty3 Creative

The Result

The clean, vibrant and user-friendly website design helped add true value to Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions’ marketing goals.

One of the finest and most notable additions to the website design is the cool bespoke calculator just above the hero banner. By giving contractors a real-time answer to their taxation questions, they can start to appreciate the usefulness of Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions’ website.

Having this kind of tool on demand will continually drive organic traffic, give them another angle to base marketing campaigns around and encourage contractors to bookmark their website.

We also heavily focused on the colour palette of the website design too, as this plays a pivotal role in creating positive connotations towards the brand as a whole. The beautiful blocks of orange and font really lift the classic, professional white and grey colours.

Another important addition is the ‘Help and Advice’ section. To meet Everest & Co Umbrella Solutions’ desire for a simplified UX and a clean simple website design, we included the answers to the FAQs via dropdowns.

Since finishing the website design, it has made converting leads via our PPC and Facebook Ad campaigns a lot easier.

Users are impressed with the calculator feature and warm inviting tones, which makes it more likely for them to engage and take action when they land on it.

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Web Design & Digital Marketing Case Study - Eighty3 Creative
Web Design & Digital Marketing Case Study - Eighty3 Creative

We’re absolutely over the moon with Eighty3 Creative. Not only have they created a smart and professional website design that successfully captures our values, but their expertise in running PPC and social media marketing campaigns continues to bring in extra business. I can safely say, choosing Eighty3 creative is an investment any business can count on!


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