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Evenwood Limited

Evenwood Ltd specialises in supporting the evaluation, development and commercialisation of new ideas for businesses and organisations based near Shropshire.

With many ideas failing to materialise, Evenwood Ltd is on hand to make sure that they do. They get to know businesses or organisations, working alongside them to develop, nurture and successfully implement innovative ideas from the initial stage to completion.

However, one of the biggest challenges of being around for over 20 years is trying to stay relevant amid the ever-changing digital landscape. As innovators in the design world, we were given the task of giving Evenwood Ltd’s branding a new lease of life – including a new logo design and business cards.


Evenwood Limited



Logo Design & Business Card Design - eighty3 creative

The Brief

Evenwood Ltd required new branding which encapsulated its focus on innovation and helped distinguish itself from other business consultants in the Shropshire area.

Creativity is an integral part of innovation and generating ideas. However, finding the time to develop and expand on initial creative thoughts is a commodity most businesses and organisations simply don’t have enough of. Evenwood Ltd focuses on this element and brings a fresh, yet experienced, mind to the table.

The only issue is that portraying this via branding and a logo design can be challenging. Time-stricken decision-makers have a split second to decide whether a business consultant is right for them or not.

That’s why the logo design, branding and business card design has to make their message clear and help position them as modern, forward-thinking consultants.

For the logo design, Evenwood Ltd wanted something reminiscent of how Isaac Newton’s discovered his theory of gravity when an apple fell from a tree. This concept would instantly add a story to the branding and give the logo more depth from a visual standpoint. Once the logo design was finalised, Evenwood Ltd wanted us to use this as a basis of creating a memorable business card.

Logo Design & Business Card Design - eighty3 creative
Logo Design & Business Card Design - eighty3 creative
Logo Design & Business Card Design - eighty3 creative

The Result

The playful logo design and branding helped portray Evenwood Ltd’s desire to bring ideas to life, while providing a vital conversation starter when handing out business cards.

With the success of the business cards falling upon the logo design, we worked tirelessly during the concept stage to capture the Isaac Newton idea.

The finished article is something that’s proved very fruitful for Evenwood Ltd. One of the standout additions to the logo design was the pink full stop symbolising the apple falling from the tree in the Isaac Newton story.

This striking touch to the design reflects the power of Evenwood Ltd’s service to innovate and help businesses and organisations standout amongst other ideas.

The curved typography allows the tree illustration to grow in stature and move away from stuffy corporate connotations.

Incorporating the company slogan within the logo design also creates a clearer image of what Evenwood Ltd do, while using a softer shade of blue ensures it doesn’t detract from the company name above.

We developed a reversed version of the logo design as well, making it easier for them to use it across a wider range of marketing materials, without jeopardising its quality. We see this version as a ‘night sky’ alternative.

Since introducing the new branding and logo design to the business cards, Evenwood Ltd has received several positive comments.

The Isaac Newton touch has given their team a natural talking point with prospects. They’re interested in learning more about the company’s story and have bought into their vision to help people innovate and create ideas that generate big results.

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Logo Design & Business Card Design - eighty3 creative
Logo Design & Business Card Design - eighty3 creative

Right from the get-go, Eighty3 Creative was able to understand who we are and visualise what we wanted our brand to look like. As a result, the logo design and business cards are inspired. It’s generated more interest and has helped put our company right at the forefront of prospects’ minds again. Thank you!


Founder & CEO