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City Of Wolverhampton Market

The presence of a market in Wolverhampton city centre dates back to 1204 and throughout the Medieval Period, it was situated close to St Peter’s Church, in the area now known as Queen Square.

Due to the industrial revolution, and rapid population growth, the market was moved to the present-day site. The market is part of the city’s heritage, a destination place, a place to be celebrated by all.

Eighty3 Creative were thrilled to be commissioned by City of Wolverhampton Council to develop this iconic local brand.


City Of Wolverhampton Market Branding



Creative Digital Agency - Wolverhampton - eighty3 creative

The Brief

City of Wolverhampton Council approached us to help relaunch the local markets corporate identity.

The brief was to portray a high-quality offering within the area; the tone needed to create an aspirational feel, with a bohemian/artisan environment. The idea was to create a vibe similar to ‘Camden’ but in Wolverhampton!

The aim was for the city market to contribute to the local distinctiveness of the city centre.

Creative Digital Agency - Wolverhampton - eighty3 creative
Creative Digital Agency - Wolverhampton - eighty3 creative
Creative Digital Agency - Wolverhampton - eighty3 creative

The Result

Initially we researched how other markets across the UK had branded themselves looking at colours, typography and tone of voice.

We then moved onto creating concepts that were in keeping with the heritage of  Wolverhampton but also emphasised the new look and style of the marketplace. We developed a variety of concepts that used the shapes of the containers, splashes of colour to show vibrancy and a play on tradition with a mix contemporary fonts.

The chosen concept was picked due to its solid stamp like structure; highlighting the ‘market’ as a key focal point but with the heritage and tradition of Wolverhampton encapsulated within the marque. The full brand will be rolled out early next year when the construction of the market is complete.

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