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Case Studies

5IVES Football Centres

As Shropshire’s first indoor 5 a side football facility, 5IVES Football Centres are creating a fresh new offering for local football enthusiasts.

With a fresh appearance and four of the latest 4G pitches on offer, 5IVES Football Centres believed their branding and design needed to reflect their first-class facilities.

With this in mind, they could position themselves as the best in the county and build their start-up business into multiple sites. Getting this right would help assist them going forward and score them ongoing business.


5IVES Football Centres



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The brief

As a start-up business, 5IVES Football Centres gave Eighty3 Creative a blank canvas (or open goal) to explore new concepts and ideas.

However, the main emphasis was on creating a brand which was true to the energetic and innovative principles 5IVES adhere to.

True to the cliché, ‘football is a simple game’, 5IVES were determined to have a landing page which was simple and easy to follow. They believed their customers wouldn’t need a complex and intricate design, just something that makes it clear on what they offer and how they can register their interest.

The result

In creating the concepts for the branding, it was essential to include a colour palette that was fresh and easy on the eye.

A combination of blues created a calm and familiar collection of colours, while the white, grey and gold elements were perfect for making certain aspects of the design or branding stand out. This was particularly true with the landing page, where the white sections help keep the audience engaged and separate the text to create the illusion of their being minimal content.

The logo itself includes a traditional looking football icon to make it very clear on what 5IVES Football Centres offer and the number five indicates the business’ emphasis on the 5 a side format of the beautiful game.

Using rounded shaping in the design and typography adds a user-friendly feel to it and mirrors the shaping of a football. In regards to the layout of the landing page, the content is perfectly structured to also reflect the simplicity and ease of using the services and facilities of 5IVES.

Following the completion of the branding, landing page and logo, 5IVES Football Centre has had a phenomenal response, exceeding the expectations of the founders. The clarity of the landing page and the emphasis on simplicity in the design has made the signing up process effortless for footballers around the Shropshire area.

With no basis to go off in the brief, we were naturally anxious to see what Eighty3 Creative would come back with. However, the results have been truly wonderful. We wanted to create a brand which was simple but modern, and we are overjoyed by the end product. They really have helped bring our vision to life.

5IVES Football Centres

Managing Director