#3 Review and optimise

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to marketing. Just imagine if you knew the outcome of a campaign before running it. You’d know exactly what works, what doesn’t. When to invest, when not to.

One of the best ways to predict future outcomes is to review and optimise previous marketing efforts.

The trouble today is that we have too much choice. So, when one campaign fails to convert, businesses often move onto something new. But this short-term style of marketing isn’t sustainable.

Sometimes, it’s not the channel or the offer. Perhaps it’s the timing, the target audience or even the call to action.

Here are a few things you should be reviewing after every campaign or quarter.


Lessons learned

Simulate campaigns


A marketing campaign is based on assumptions using past experiences or market knowledge. The first step in the marketing review process is to review your assumptions and to determine whether they work for this type of project/business.

Don’t be afraid to send out customer feedback surveys. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn.

Simulate Campaigns

To get a clearer idea of whether your marketing campaign will succeed or not, speak to us.

Using special software and our knowledgeable input, we can simulate your campaigns and sales funnels before you even spend a penny.

It’s an effective way of allocating your marketing budget and resources more effectively on the right campaigns.

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Lessons Learned

Whether your previous campaign was a roaring success or an absolute disaster, there’s always a lesson in every action you take. Analyse your competitors, collate feedback from customers and dissect every last element of each marketing campaign. Even if you only find one insight, it’ll help you improve your next campaign. For example:

Social media
Instead of worrying about follower growth, start prioritising engagement. You see, before you can generate sales from your followers, you need to earn their trust and get them listening. It’s no good having 10k followers on Instagram if you’re generating two likes from one man and his dog. When there’s a spike in engagement, make a note. Because whatever you posted that day is the kind of stuff your followers want to hear about.

PPC/paid ads
If you’re generating an impressive clickthrough rate on a paid ad campaign but your conversions are high, change your landing page design and content next time. If you get the same outcome the following month, strengthen the call to action or create another piece of gated content. Make sure you set Google Analytics 4 up. It offers advanced campaign metrics and a heat map tool to monitor user behaviours.

Digital Solutions
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Not sure what to spend? Allocate your marketing budget more effectively. We can simulate your campaigns and sales funnels before you even spend a penny.

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Marketing Checklist

Use our marketing checklist to keep track of your progress each month.