“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard”

Guy Kawasaki

#2 Implementation

Coming up with new marketing ideas is a real positive. However, to ensure turn these plans into long-term results, you must focus on how you implement them. Here are a few things to consider:

Build a delivery team

  • Great marketing ideas require smart, experienced professionals to help you drive this initiative. This can include employees at your company or an agency with a track record of delivering strong marketing results.

Set the right expectations

  • Marketing isn’t a quick fix. So, when it comes to assessing marketing return on investment, give yourself at least 6-12 months.
  • It’s important to make sure your company and team are on the same page. High expectations can damage your freedom to try new things and deliver optimum results.
  • The best way to align the team is to communicate your marketing goals and help everyone know how they can contribute to your success.

Build a timeline and assign tasks

  • Using a reporting dashboard is the best way to keep on top of campaign success and analyse key metrics.
  • Asana is perfect for breaking up projects and minimising email communications.

Set-up a dashboard to track campaign success

  • Identify your 3 closest competitors and compare features, benefits, pricing, sales (if possible) and distribution. If they’re beating you in any of these areas, consider tweaking the way you operate.
  • You should tie your metrics to your overall marketing efforts and develop key performance indicators (KPI).

Monitor and adapt

  • Attaining key metrics and results will give you a platform to adapt ideas. First-time success is rare, especially when it comes to marketing. So, make sure you check results every week and tweak things as you go.
  • In checking the data, you’ll start to understand your audience behaviours and will be able to adjust your approach in future campaigns.

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